Video Gallery

Core workout on the Reformer

Advanced Pilates workout on the reformer for strengthening abdominals, glutes and shoulders, as well as improving lumbarpelvic stability, scapular stability, balance and coordination

Splits on the reformer

Advanced unsupported splits on the reformer

Long Box Swan on the Reformer

Amazing reformer exercise for strengthening back extensors and gluteals

Control Balance on the Reformer

Advanced Pilates Reformer exercise.

Back bend / High bridge on the Reformer

Super Advanced Pilates exercise on the reformer.

Long Spine massage on the Reformer

Amazing Pilates exercise for strengthening abdominals, hamstrings, glutes and spinal extensors , as well as increasing flexibility

Down Stretch

Great exercise for strengthening glutes, back and stretching abdominals and quades

Back Bend on the Reformer

Advanced Reformer Workout. Learn How to do a Backbend on the reformer.

Cardio Pilates / Pilates Fusion

Mat Pilates workout fused to the fun music. Cardio and strength training in WRS Athletic Club