3 Best Reasons Every Woman Should Try Pilates

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3 Best Reasons Every Woman Should Try Pilates

Summer and upcoming vacations can be great motivators for starting an exercise program. Whether you frequent at the gym or have just stepped into the gym for the very first time, Pilates can be the perfect workout for you as you set goals to improve your overall health and fitness.

3 Best Reasons Every Woman Should Try Pilates

  • You will strengthen your core.If you’ve been trying to get that flat belly but just can’t define those muscles through traditional abdominal exercises and crunches, try Pilates. Pilates will teach you how to find and engage your core muscles (transversus abdominis, pelvic floor, diaphragm and multifidi) thought breathing techniques and make your abdominals workout more effective. Future more, Pilates will help you choose abdominals exercises that works the best for you and your unique needs; for example, postnatal, diastasis recti, osteoporosis, lumbar lordosis, lower back pain* , and more.
  • you will improve your posture.
    ‘Quality not quantity’ is one of the main principal of Pilates. When performing sets of push ups, holding planks, or lifting weights, sometimes we forget about the form and small muscles groups (stabilizers), that helps us keep that proper form. Pilates will help you not only strengthen those muscles to improve your posture but also will teach you how to use those muscles in a daily.
  • It will help you to build long, lean muscles and improve your flexibility.
    Pilates is one of the best ways to get long and lean look. In Pilates exercises, you stretch the muscle to its full extension before contracting it. This develops a longer, leaner muscle compare to bulkier muscles developed by traditional weight training, where you use your muscles against the resistance of the weight you holding.

Pilates workout offers endless possibilities in exercise combinations. You will never get bored! Each exercise you learn in your begging sessions will prepare you to the next, more challenging exercises in intermediate and advanced classes. You will never have the same workout twice!

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